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More Devices Require More Electricity

As we add new technology and larger appliances to our homes, our electrical needs increase. Travis Electric, Inc. can improve your electrical service by performing an electrical panel upgrade. Every light switch, appliance, plugin, and device you use is fed by your home’s service panel. A properly sized and correctly installed electrical panel ensures that electricity flows consistently throughout your home, which will make all of your appliances and devices run more efficiently and last longer. Contact Travis Electric today for a service panel inspection.

Upgrade Your Fuse Box to a Circuit Breaker System

If you live in an older home, it probably uses a fuse box instead of a circuit breaker. While many of these fuse systems still work fine, they do require you to have the proper fuses on hand to replace when once blows. If you find yourself changing out fuses more often than you’d like, it may be time to upgrade to a service panel.

Are You Tired of Tripping Breakers?

If your home currently has a service panel, but the breakers trip when you plug in too many items or run large appliances, then you really need to contact an electrician. This is especially true if your circuit panel is warm to the touch or you smell an acrid electrical odor. Electrical panel upgrades make everyday life more enjoyable and safer, too.

Remodeling? We Can Upgrade Your Service Panel

If you are remodeling or adding on to your home, it may be necessary to move your service panel. In addition, you may need to add circuits to ensure your appliances and devices run as intended, including heating and cooling units.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Travis Electric, Inc. has performed service panel upgrades in the Sioux Falls, SD area since we opened our doors for business. As a licensed, bonded, and insured electrical contractor, we can manage any installation, maintenance, or repairs your electrical system could need. Please contact us for more information.

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Safety Reminder: GFCIs should be tested monthly to ensure they are in working condition. Whether you have a receptacle or circuit breaker GFCI, pushing the TEST button should turn off the power to the circuit. For the receptacle-type GFCI, pushing the TEST button should cause the RESET button to pop up. Replace any GFCI devices that are inoperative. If you are not trained to do this work, hire Travis Electric, or another qualified contractor, to perform these tasks!

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